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About Luu Sky Sapphire ((Thaaaaaaat's me! X3 ))

*waves* Hello! Hola! Salutations! Konnichiwa! Um...HOW!

What is there to say. I'm a 24 year old straight male and High School/College graduate working hard to make each day count. I live on a planet called New York, where we have like 600 Walmarts. XD

I love video games, movies, music, anime, manga and yoga. My dream is to be a professional yoga instructor. Including a writer. In my spare time away from the office and the mat, I'm always watching anime and reading manga. Mainly the classics like Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Noir and of course, Mai HiME. 

My personality can be described as random and friendly. Yet, very mellow. I do have trusting issues (ala Natsuki) but good friends have helped that slide off a bit. ^_^ Overall, I enjoy the fine pleasures of life. And thanks to fictional characters like Natsuki and Shizuru, I can enjoy it even further with a sense of hope and peace.

~ Luis (aka Luu Sky Sapphire)