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Submit Mai HiME/Otome Stuff to ShizNat Webs!

I do accept submissions for anything Natsuki and Shizuru related. It can be fanart, fanfiction, signatures, videos and avatars. But follow these important guidelines before getting rowdy:


* I can only accept fanart if YOU (yes, YOU) created it. Submitting other people's hard work is common in forums, but don't pull that here. I want to give proper credit to the artist. Besides, I'd rather be in contact with the actual artist, so I can praise her/his work. :)

* If you have an account on You Tube, Dailymotion or Veoh and you want me to host your ShizNat video/AMV just say so. Again, it must be done by YOU. I cant stress that enough. :P

* I have the right to cheer or boo any fanart you give me. If I don't like it, it will NOT be posted. Which brings me to my next point...

 *  I accept hentai, just so you know.

* Your submissions don't have to be ShizNat, but they have to be Mai HiME/Otome related.

* If you're naughty and send me work not by you, and the creator comes a-knockin' on my door, I will inform him/her of who you are. Even if you're an impostor. I have a responsibility to the original creator.


Are we crystal clear? Then go to CONTACT ME to get started and have fun! ^_^